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50/50 Film Club

Screenings and discussions highlighting female directors with the aim of promoting today’s female creators and combating the invisibility of the female heritage by presenting recently restored and/or digitized films.

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Red carpet walk of the 82

The Collectif 50/50 takes its first action at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival by organising the gathering of 82 international personalities from the film industry on the red carpet.

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The Parity Bonus

Implementation of the parity bonus

Since January 1st 2019, the CNC has implemented the measure presented at the first Conference of the Collectif 50/50 held in September 2018. This 15% mobilised cinema support bonus is intended to combat the inequalities observed between the careers of women and men. It aims films with gender-balanced teams, whether the production is in the hands of a man or a woman. It takes the form of a grid of points, determining the level of parity within crews.

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50/50 bible

Launch of the 50/50 bible, the professional directory of diversity

The 50/50 bible platform went online in November 2019. This professional directory in favour of diversity and parity aims to bring about concrete change behind the camera. Talents, from diverse social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds are able to gain visibility through this platform, as a way to escape discrimination and determinism. As for recruiters, they can easily access mixed and gender-balanced technical and artistic teams, going beyond usual practices and prejudices.

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Summit against harassment and sexual violence

Collectif 50/50 gathered the profession (through trade unions and professional organisations) on Wednesday March 4th 2020, at the Fémis school, in the framework of the Summit against harassment and sexual violence in the film and the audiovisual industry. The Summit was an opportunity to share and compare existing initiatives and to engage in a process of collective thought regarding new tools and means of prevention and action.

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The White Book

The White Book – All Actors of Change

The Collectif brought the entire industry together including trade unions, professional organisations and professional associations during the Summit against sexual violence and harassment in the film and audiovisual sector, March 4th 2020 at the Fémis school, to communicate on the initiatives already in place, to think about new ways of prevention and action, and to work collectively to implement a “toolbox” for awareness-raising, prevention and fight against violence and harassment.

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CharactHer campaign

Gender equality in the European film and media industries is still far from being achieved – in addition to the obstacles women may encounter throughout their careers, a well-known factor for these persistent imbalances resides in the fact that certain sectors are still considered to be predominantly or exclusively “masculine”. The impact of such views has sustained widespread practice of self-censorship, discouraging some young women from pursuing a wide panel of jobs. The CharactHer campaign aims at debunking these stereotypes: there is no such thing as a “masculine” job – women can do anything!

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Cannes 2021

Collectif 50/50 at 2021 Cannes Film Festival

In 2021, the Collectif 50/50 was at the Cannes Film Festival to organize two panels, to launch the CharactHer campaign, to meet “sister” associations, partners and other people during the 50/50 cocktails, to record the SheCannes podcasts…

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