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Inclusion & diversity : progress, projects, international initiatives

Presentation of the study: How to be inspired by initiatives from elsewhere & discussions with ARTEF members

In 2020, a group of European film industry professionals came together to form ARTEF, an anti-racism working group for the European audiovisual industry. Their goal: to raise awareness in the industry, to consider concrete solutions and to suggest revisions to regulations and practices.

ARTEF press contact: Pascal Edelmann, European Film Academy

ARTEF contact:

Visit the ARTEF website for more information

Fighting against sexual and gender-based violence and harassment, means of prevention and action


The White Paper: The Collectif 50/50 has published the White Paper against sexual and gender-based violence and harassment in collaboration with professional and institutional organizations, to develop a toolbox for professionals. Designed as a real guide, it brings together all the documents to enable the film industry to prevent and fight against sexual and gender-based violence and harassment.

In addition to the White Paper, a kit for the prevention and fight against SGBV has been developed.

The Collectif 50/50, the film and television unions, and the professional organizations worked with the CCHSCTs to develop a single kit that provides easy access to all the information and practical documents: awareness posters, useful numbers, protocols to follow, sample letters, etc.

The listening unit supported by the Ministry of Culture

A single number: 01 87 20 30 90 from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm

> Also accessible by e-mail at any time at the following address:

This listening and support unit guarantees the confidentiality of calls from victims or witnesses of rape, sexual harassment, gender-based and sexual violence, anywhere in France. People who contact the unit will be referred to :

– experienced clinical psychologists,

– a specialized legal consultation.


The Collectif 50/50 has solicited insurance companies to take concrete action and to cover interruptions in filming following cases of sexual/sexist harassment and violence. Since July 1st, following the mission entrusted by the CNC to the broker Hugo Rubini, two companies, Maïf and Areas, offer coverage. The financial pressure that prevented producers from taking immediate and necessary measures on a set, can now be neutralized by the coverage offered by the two insurances, up to 500,000 euros of additional costs and up to 5 days of interruption of shooting.


On July 9, the European Commission launched the “CharactHer” campaign in partnership with the Collectif 50/50, a series of 12 portraits of women in the European audiovisual and media industry.
Based on the observation that women are still underrepresented in the film industry and face persistent imbalances and obstacles throughout their careers, the campaign has the following objectives:
– To highlight unknown positions in the industry through a variety of professional trajectories;
– Deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices that certain jobs are out of reach.
– Encourage young women to pursue careers in fields traditionally considered reserved for men by showing them examples of successful women in these fields.
The ultimate goal of the campaign is to foster inclusion and representativeness to enable the media industries to remain culturally rich and dynamic, in tune with the diversity of our European societies.

The portraits have been revealed throughout 2021: visit to learn more about the campaign and discover the videos!


Located just a step away from the Martinez, the 50/50 Terrace made it possible to receive the “sister” associations, to organize meetings with French and international partners, and to welcome festive events.

The Collectif 50/50 is a partner of the initiative She Cannes, a collection of podcasts carried by the voice of Marie Labory broadcasted from July 15th on dedicated platforms (Deezer, Apple music, Spotify). Produced and initiated by Maxime Ruszniewski of Pardi Productions, the She Cannes collection is supported by Le Collectif 50/50, YouTube (via the #EllesfontYouTube program), Audiens, CNC Talents and the Queer palm.

On July 12, the Collectif 50/50 was invited to participate in the ImpACT Initiative of the Film Market. Sandrine Brauer, co-president of the Collectif 50/50 participated in the panel: “The emergence of women in the Chinese film industry”. An exploration of the situation of the new generation of professionals in China, compared to the situation at the international level. ImpACT aims to spark a dialogue on the issues shaping today’s film climate and to give industry professionals the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and take actions that will bring change and influence the sector in the years to come.

Creation of a new CST award dedicated to young female technicians:
The Collectif 50/50 is delighted with the creation of an award for a young French woman head of station in a film presented in the official selection (all categories included) at the Cannes Film Festival. This proactive approach affirms the CST’s desire to give visibility to the quality cinematographic work produced each year by young French women technicians.