The Collectif 50/50 is delighted to announce that Delphine Ernotte, President of France Télévisions, has introduced the minimum quota of 30% of female directors for its fictions, and proposes to promote, together with the 25 Images Group, the association For women in media, the SACD, the SPI and the USPA, the use of the 50/50 bible of film and audiovisual professionals as a tool to achieve this objective, and to ensure that the current ratio of 86% works directed by men remains nothing but a bad memory.

Why ? Noting that equality between men and women, as well as French society in its cultural, ethnic, social and geographical diversity, are not properly represented in front of and behind the camera in French cinematographic and audiovisual productions, the Collectif 50/50 offers a dual approach :

  • Firstly, to promote awareness, particularly via the pledge for inclusion
  • Secondly, to facilitate the recruitment of these under-represented social groups with the use of the 50/50 bible, a tool-platform available to all.


For whom ? The 50/50 bible aims to encourage recruiters to adopt an active approach, so that the selection of professionals is as rich and diverse as possible, and in order to overcome prejudices, stereotypes, automatisms and habits in recruiting and creative processes. It also allows the CNC to set up allocation committees that are more diversified.

How ? The purpose of the 50/50 bible is to increase the visibility of diversified professional profiles. To meet recruiters’ expectations, those who are interested enrol themselves on a voluntary basis and must have already completed – within the same function – a course of at least two films distributed in theatres or selected at major festivals, broadcasted on traditional channels or new platforms. This entails a feminisation of traditionally male-dominated professions, as well as a masculinisation of female professions, in order to ensure that technical and artistic teams are representative of the entire cultural, ethnic, geographic and social fabric of contemporary French society.

What criteria ? In accordance with French laws and the various discrimination criteria set out by the Defender of Rights, this directory is based on the individual’s perception of discrimination, whether it is linked to a referral to real or supposed origins, sex, age, disability, opinions, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Collectif 50/50 wishes for the entire industry to make use of this tool, by referencing it or by searching profiles, and looks forward to write a new chapter of the French audiovisual landscape together – a more virtuous and modernised version, as more representative of society.