The collectif


Birth of the movement

The organisation "Le Deuxième Regard" - founded in 2013 - was transformed following the Weinstein case in 2018 and became the Collectif 5050x2020. Created by film and audiovisual professionals, 50/50 takes its first action at the Cannes Film Festival by gathering 82 international personalities from the film sector on the red carpet. Led by Cate Blanchett and Agnès Varda, they climbed the steps of the Palais des Festivals to denounce the glass ceiling which continues to exist : 82 is the total of women directors selected in competition by the Festival for the Palme d'Or since its first edition in 1946, versus 1 688 men !

Launching statement of the Collective 5050x2020 :

“We believe that the distribution of power should be questioned.

We believe that parity reduces power imbalances. 

We believe that diversity profoundly changes representations.

We believe that we must seize this opportunity to fight for equality and diversity as we are certain that by opening the field of power, will deeply promote the renewal of creation.

We have decided to lead the battle of numbers as a lever to raise awareness around and visibility of the issues at stake, but also as a support for the areas of reflexion to be carried out, as we wish to produce ideas, solutions and opportunities”.

Our actions

Creating an Observatory of Equality in our Industry

We publish figures and analyze data on French cinema in order to promote collective awareness and quantify changes.

☞It will produce new data, both quantitative and qualitative, on dedicated fields which we will work on with the ambition of covering the whole spectrum: the disparity in salaries between technicians and technicians, between actors and actresses, the differences in budgets between male and female directors, exploitation, image education, criticism, the lack of diversity in the whole chain, the question of representations.
Challenging cultural institutions, raising awareness of the profession

We are thinking of public institutions, but also private groups, professional unions, festivals, juries, film schools. We expect the decision-makers at the heart of these bodies to be aware of the need for parity, youth and diversity. That the real plurality of our country be better represented. In this sense, charters have been developed to raise awareness of the profession:

☞ Charter for Parity and Diversity in Film Festivals, 2nd stage point: the Collective notes more parity among the organizations of the 156 international festivals that have signed the Charter, but the Collective notes a persistent delay in the 6 major festivals which have only 17% of women in artistic direction positions, 42% of women in selection committees and 36% in management committees. Charter for Inclusion in Cinema and Audiovisual, signed by 11 professional organizations committed to greater inclusion and diversity in training, recruitment and image. The Collective continues to animate the dissemination and application of the Charter and to seek ways to evaluate actions and results. The Charter for Parity and Diversity in Film Publishing-Distribution and Exhibition Companies Signed by some forty companies in the territory, committed to promoting parity and diversity in film distribution and within teams.
Create tools
☞The 50/50 bible: the online directory of professionals used to build more diverse and equal teams (authors, technicians, etc.). Mentoring online: Connecting young people and film professionals White Paper "All actors of change" written in partnership with the Delegation for Equality between Women and Men of the Ministry of Culture, thought as a concrete aid for all professionals in the film and audiovisual industry to define, raise awareness, detect, and react to sexual harassment and violence.
Co-developing measures with our partners
☞ Implementation on January 1, 2019 of a 15% bonus of the support mobilized for a film with a team of equal numbers of heads of positions to boost the careers of technicians. The conditioning of the CNC's support for festivals, to the signature of the Charter for parity and diversity in festivals, since the beginning of 2019. The conditioning of the CNC's subsidies to the respect of the employer's obligations in terms of prevention of harassment and sexual violence: Implementation of a training course "Prevent and act against sexist and sexual violence" for employers since October 2020, at the CNC.

The facts

Wage gaps in the film industry

Difference in average hourly wages in film production (€ / h) between men and women

The place of women in the film and audiovisual industry, CNC, 2019

Our communication

The Collectif 50/50 functions as an action tank, a lobby that acts in the public space and on institutions through the production of thought and figures. We also devote our energy to developing concrete measures and tools to achieve these objectives.
The environment in which we evolve has not yet integrated the changes in parameters we are aiming for, so sources of anger are frequent. But we believe it is necessary to take the passion out of the debates in order to think better, to put our collective intelligence and expertise at the service of a better distribution of power, conceived as the ultimate lever to counter inequalities. This is why we have chosen to refrain from commenting on current events and reacting to the many comments made by personalities, however intolerable they may be. These indignations continue to irrigate our work, but we limit our communication and public speech to actions aimed at acting on the reform of the system, and at relaying inspiring approaches and structuring actions.



Julie Billy
Co-president / Producer
Laurence Lascary
Co-president / Producer
Sandrine Bauer
Co-president / Producer
Béatrice Boursier
Director General / Consultant and training expert in gender equality and gender stereotypes
Isabel Mercier
Treasurer / Producer

Extended Bureau

Delphyne Besse
Research and market manager - Unifrance
Juliette Favreul Renaud
Producer - JE Films et 2711 Production
Harold Valentin
Producer - Mother Production

Board of directors

Aurélie Cardin
General Delegate - Cinébanlieue / Professional meetings manager - Talents en court
Maïmouna Doucouré
Farah Clémentine Dramani-Issifou
Programmer - Critics' Week, Film Festival of Marrakech / Curator, researcher
Coralie Fargeat
Patrick Fabre
Artistic director - Saint-Jean-de-Luz International Film Festival / Director
Agnès Jaoui
Actress / Director / Screenwriter
Aïssa Maïga
Actress / Director
Mélissa Petitjean
Sound mixer
Pauline Seigland
Director of production and Producer - Films Grand Huit
François Tessier
Talent agent - Aimant
Marion Tharaud
Distributor - Haut et Court
Agathe Valentin