Pledge for inclusion in the film and audiovisual industry

The Pledge for Inclusion in the Film and Audiovisual industry is a commitment text carried out by Collectif 50/50 and is born from the observation that parity between men and women and the diversity of French society, in its cultural, ethnic and social components are not sufficiently represented in French audiovisual productions, on set and on screen. By disseminating this Pledge, 50/50 wishes to take concrete action in favour of more inclusion within the cinematographic and the audiovisual sector, whilst respecting key principles such as: freedom of creation, respect of copyright laws, freedom of entrepreneurship, of the artistic singularity of each film, and in compliance with the legal framework of the fight against discrimination.



ADP| Association des directeurs de Production (Association of Production Managers

ARDA | Association des Responsables de Distribution Artistique (Association of Artistic Distribution Managers

La Guilde française des scénaristes (The French Guild of Screenwriters)

SACD | Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers)

SCA | Scénaristes de Cinéma Associés (Associate Film Screenwriters

SCAM | Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédia (Civil Society of Multimedia Authors

SFAAL | Syndicat Français des Agents Artistiques (French Syndicate of Artistic Agents)

SPI | Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants (Syndicate of Independent Producers)

SRF | Société des Réalisateurs de Films (Society of Film Directors

UPC | Union des Producteurs de Cinéma (Union of Film Producers

USPA | Union Syndicale de la Production Audiovisuelle (Trade Union of Audiovisual Production